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    I am in my 50s and have been spanking women for over forty years. During that time I have spanked many ladies of various ages and sizes.

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    The one thing they all had in common was that they wanted to experience a proper spanking in a safe and discreet environment from someone who is experienced and who would respect their limits.

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    Friendly Approach
    I understand that meeting a complete stranger for a spanking can be daunting so please look at my testimonials from ladies that have visited for a trip over my knee and ladies I have worked alongside. I hope this will help to reassure you.

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    Look Around
    If you've looked at my site (and please take the time to do so) and are serious about arranging a spanking then I look forward to hearing from you.

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    How long?
    The entire session should last about an hour and that includes breaks in between for me to get my breath and if you do decide to have a costume change.


English Disciplinarian

I have many years of experience placing errant women over my lap to have their skirt layers peeled back, scolded and firm spanking applied on the seat of their panties. which at the correct point would be yanked down to their knees for a further sound spanking; if you think you would like to sink across my lap to disappear into bottom warming then get in touch.

What do I Wear?

After arranging to see me for a session and depending on if it's role-play based i.e "schoolgirl" or regular clothes; you would be expected to be in feminine attire, dress or a skirt and of course, a petticoat. No trousers.


I am willing to play at all levels; I am proficient with punishment implements such as a school caning, belt, strap, hairbrush and slipper. I don’t offer BDSM. I do not charge for sessions. I live in a quiet well-appointed house in West Yorkshire, England. Surprisingly pleasant fellow of moderate disposition, happy to digress a wide-ranging field of thoughts, creative mind, free spirit of thought to banal ludicrous boffle, I would also love to put you over my knee :)