Returning from sabbatical to offer a firm over the knee spanking from a secure discreet West Yorkshire location. I have many years experience placing errant girls over my lap to have their skirt layers peeled back for a scolding and firm spanking on the seat of their panties which at the correct point would be yanked down to your knees for a further sound spanking.

I am happy to role-play the strict father, Uncle, headmaster, Laird. The session is not simply a spanking, you would need to allow me to put you in the correct passive mindset to enjoy the session. Punishment will be within your limits; I do not use safe words, why would I need to? Safety is paramount I shall end a session immediately if I believe further play could be harmful. The end result should leave you in a cathartic state of well being.

I believe my strengths lie in traditional over the knee spanking, I am however proficient in the use of various canes, synthetic to traditional. My style is my own which was developed through instruction from a well respected pro-domme Lady Pandora.