Disciplinarian Diary

Tales over my knee.


After arranging to see me for a spanking and depending on if it's a role-play session i.e "schoolgirl" or regular clothes you would be expected to be in feminine attire white lingerie and of course a petticoat then once you are ready you would be called in where I would be waiting sat on a high back chair; scolded and then taken over my knee to have the seat of your skirt spanked firmly. The point at which your skirt is raised and the spanking continues over your petticoat is at my discretion whereupon your panties would be yanked down to your knees to continue with a sound bare bottom spanking. If you would wish to role-play the schoolgirl, dressed accordingly of course in uniform. A naughty girl, bad girlfriend, cheating wife, then please just ask I am happy to tailor your requirements; apart from over my knee spanking I am proficient with punishment implements such as a school caning, belt, strap, hairbrush and a slipper.

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