Hi, I thought it may be an idea to share a little more about spankings I have been involved with both commercially and private play via this site and instead of just putting a few static paragraphs down I thought it would be more fluid to turn a blog live. The problem being I hate blogs, though I appreciate it can be an ever-evolving stream of information for those who would like to look deeper.  Times and dates are somewhat vague now but I hope it will offer some sort of guide about what has happened along the way so far…




After finding a footing in the professional spanking scene I was working in the background developing and promoting Liz’s site www.spankingservices.net she began to flourish and become known as a genuine pro spankee. Spankingservices moved slowly into filming services which is where I came across another genuine girl L* who was interested in modeling as a way of pushing her vanilla spanking play, L* was of course a natural who loved being turned across a knee and spanked.  Through on line chats about spanking she became familiar with Liz’s website and career change from office girl to full time spankee/switch. L* had told me about her frustrations for the company she worked for which day by day she hated. I pitched the idea that maybe she should follow the same line of business as Liz she was interested but instead of Internet correspondence we decided to meet and discuss if it was feasible.We decided to meet at Bretton Country Park to chat and of course for me to put her across my knee to spank test that bottom.  It was a cold winters day but crisp and sunny, we walked and talked and decided nothing ventured nothing gained so she was going to dip her toe into professional spanking, the rest is now history of course as Shanelle is an accomplished pro domme / switch and producer in her own right www.shanvanuk.co.uk……….to get back to the story.  Shanelle and I walked around the park looking for a tree stump and a quiet location where I could turn her across my knee and give her a damn good spanking.  I do remember my mind was racing, as my options weren’t looking good, this after all was a country park therefore the rambler’s just pop out of bushes and trails at anytime.  I weighed up the pros and cons of the situation; here was a pretty girl with long blonde hair walking with me to get a spanking, she had a long black coat on {bad thing would get in the way} she had a long flowing skirt on {good thing easy to flip up} after all no matter where you are you have to get to bare the bottom for the spanking as who know what layers are providing a padding form a spanking?  Skirt, petticoat,panties,thick tights. Who knows?  Anyway it just wasn’t possible due to the people traffic.  So back to my car where we climbed into the back like guilty teenagers on the back seat.  Shanelle quickly giggling draped herself across my knee  {obviously done this many times before methinks} I began spanking her over her skirt which was quickly raised to continue the spanking over her panties until her bottom was bared. It wasn’t a particularly hard or serious spanking but brisk and stingy and more as I said like two teens in the back of a car, she did remind me there was an old woman who passed the car whilst she was being chastised [probably thought ah well naughty girl probably deserved it}. Shanelle was a natural and I was lucky enough to spank her a few more times to great effect.