Hi, I thought it may be an idea to share a little more about spankings I have been involved with both commercially and private play via this site and instead of just putting a few static paragraphs down I thought it would be more fluid to turn a blog live. The problem being I hate blogs, though I appreciate it can be an ever-evolving stream of information for those who would like to look deeper.  Times and dates are somewhat vague now but I hope it will offer some sort of guide about what has happened along the way so far…




My voyage into professional spanking started around eight or probably more years ago. (I did mention my timings will be somewhat vague) it began with a lady mailing me as she had noticed on my profile an interest for spanking.  I believed then as do most men that if you put a tag on a profile or a post that you have such an interest for spanking then its simply like fishing in mud you will never get a bite.  So to my surprise I did.

Liz also hailed from the county of Yorkshire and after a few preliminary chats we quickly moved onto the subject of spanking. I related my Dom spanking experiences and what I would do to her in a hypothetical meet. Liz had never been spanked before and had a desire to find out how it felt to be scolded, turned across a knee and spanked, quite simply that.  She told me previous boyfriends had fooled around with the odd slap to her jeans but she wanted the real deal. I traveled through work and we arranged one day to put me to the test as the strict sir, in return I wanted to have Liz dressed as the naughty schoolgirl, I believe she went to an outfitters and bought herself a grey pleated skirt, white knee highs and a blouse just the basic elements.  I arranged to met her in a car park on the outskirts of York and all I could think in honesty is “what the fuck am I doing here?” truly believing I had been conned by a fantasy woman getting her jollies cyber spanking and believe me there are plenty out there. Anyway the doubting Thomas in me disappeared as the girl Liz pulled alongside my car, I duly followed her back to her house, I slipped into the dominant role after exchanging brief pleasantries from where I requested she quickly changed into her school uniform, which she did.  Time was short, she was on her lunch break and I was late for an appointment, conversation was really just down to basic commands, which started once she returned to the room, I sat on a chair in the center of the room took Liz by the arm and put her quickly across my knee with a few small words of warning for the spanking she was going to get.  The spanking was short but good hard spank landed over her smart grey pleated school skirt which was soon flipped up and bottom bared as I produced my slipper and gave her a thoroughly sound but short spanking, she gasped but didn’t cry out and just as quickly as it happened we said our goodbyes, though the funny side is that she came to say goodbye at the door still dressed in her school uniform rubbing her bottom as the dustbin men emptied the trash. That’s really all I have to tell you about Liz for now apart from of course she is a well respected pro in the spanking scene