Hi, I thought it may be an idea to share a little more about spankings I have been involved with both commercially and private play via this site and instead of just putting a few static paragraphs down I thought it would be more fluid to turn a blog live. The problem being I hate blogs, though I appreciate it can be an ever-evolving stream of information for those who would like to look deeper.  Times and dates are somewhat vague now but I hope it will offer some sort of guide about what has happened along the way so far…




Melanie’s spankingMelanie was a tall elegant lady who had shown an interest in a spanking; initially we met in a carpark where I lowered the passenger seat back and made her lay face down as i delivered a dozen slaps to her georgeous bottom; she liked it so we met again this time she was dressed as a schoolgirl,pleated grey skirt,white knee high socks, pigtails . The inevitable she was taken across my knee for a firm spanking over the skirt then panties pulled down to her thighs  and a red botom was delivered