Hi, I thought it may be an idea to share a little more about spankings I have been involved with both commercially and private play via this site and instead of just putting a few static paragraphs down I thought it would be more fluid to turn a blog live. The problem being I hate blogs, though I appreciate it can be an ever-evolving stream of information for those who would like to look deeper.  Times and dates are somewhat vague now but I hope it will offer some sort of guide about what has happened along the way so far…



Early Days

When I was a young boy at the front of the class with a view of the pretty teacher’s petticoat showing a tantalizing inch of lace now and again and in those days when the teachers used to take somebody across her knee for a smacked bottom which was common in those days; it formed a very strange euphoric sensation especially as she adjusted her skirt after spanking the miscreant and whoa another flash of the petticoat. It conjured up a deep yearning but a great deal of lack of understanding as to what I wanted. Did I want to me in the place of that boy laid across her petticoat lap and spanked before the full class? Surely not! Or the dream of the head coming in a putting the pretty teacher across his knee…. hum confusing times