Spanking Nikki Flynn

niki-flynnPrior to Nikki Flynn bursting onto the UK pro modelling scene she was already established spanking actress in USA. However I didn’t know this until after her visit to me along with her partner Mr X. The story is that i was already offering disciplinarian sessions to UK ladies who wanted a discreet good old fashioned spanking over my knee at an old disused studio in Keighley. I had perchance offered a good old fashioned spanking on eBay for 50p Buy It now. Surprisingly somebody bid and won it; I was contacted by Mr X to see if it was a genuine offer I said yes and he discussed the spanking his partner had been waiting for, it was agreed a time and venue booked they arrived on time. I scolded Nikki and sent her upstairs to wait for me. The requirements for the spanking was a yearning to be spanked hard to tears then given a thrashing with a cane from and emotionless cold Dom, it was then explained she was already a spanking start in the States and could easily handle what I could deliver.  I then advised Mr X the spanking would be on my terms and delivered how I saw fit; agreed we went upstairs. I took off my long black over coat sat myself in the center of the room summoned the girl over and demanded she look into my eyes as i questioned her coldly. She could not look me in the eye and averted her gaze, she was scolded then propelled across my lap; without a warm up spanking she was given  long hard cold spanking until she was wailing her eyes out. I stood her up she had had enough; however Mr X requested her caning. I took his cane will did not handle well in my hands; i was also not a confident caner (until years later my caning mentor Lady Pandora gave me some tips) I therefore refused to cane her; surprisingly Mr X took the cane bent her over and thrashed her with remarkable accuracy but savagely ; I stated out she has had enough he stopped and she hugged him and he thanked me as Nikki was not able to cry and get release through spanking; I said nothing put on my coat and left.

Spanking Gina

gina_20141217132501Gina a blonde bubbly girl has starred in one of  our films as a submissive school girl to the now sadly demised Serena Bond, after the film Gina wanted to know what it would be like to be spanked by me; it wasn’t a particularly hard spanking as she had already been spanked and caned by Miss Bond; so i just gave her a panties warming

Spanking Juliet

MirandaJuliet is a close friend of Liz’s and was already an established spanking video star in Kelly Payne and Ivor’s Red Stripe films; she was keen to meet Liz’s Dom, a term that neither Liz or I ever used so it was a learning curve from an already established pro spankee who loved nothing more than submitting for a good hard over the knee spanking. I arranged to meet both her and Liz to ply my hand to errant young bottoms. The girls spanked each other first; something i had never witnessed before; then she presented her self to Sir for her spanking. I turned her over my knee flipped up her school skirt and spanked her with both hand and slipper and was shocked to find this stalwart of pro spanking wailing her eyes out with a bright red bottom. I then learnt all about release of emotion through spanking.