Disciplinarian Tales | Just another a ponder through my life of spanking.

14I thought it may be an idea to share a little more about spankings I have been involved with both commercially and private play  via this site and instead of just putting a few static paragraphs down I thought it would be more fluid to turn a blog live. The problem being I hate blogs, though I appreciate it can be an ever evolving stream of information for those who would like to look deeper.  Times and dates are somewhat vague now but I hope it will offer some sort of guide about what has happened along the way so far….

School spankings

nb-gfWhen I was a young boy at the front of the class with a view of the pretty teacher’s petticoat showing a tantalizing inch of lace now and again and in those days when the teachers used to take somebody across her knee for a smacked bottom which was common in those days; it formed a very strange euphoric sensation especially as she adjusted her skirt after spanking the miscreant and whoah another flash of the petticoat. It conjured up a deep yearning but a great deal of lack of understanding as to what I wanted. Did I want to me in the place of that boy laid across her petticoated lap and spanked before the full class? Surely not! or the dream of the head coming in a putting the pretty school teacher across his lap; hhhmm confusing times.

My First Spanking

francisIn no particular order as you can see, I will share my earliest delivery of a spanking. I must have been about eight years old and a girl from my class at school had come to play.  I’m not sure of the exact conversation but we were outside in an old wooden barn for some reason she had developed a pout so I remedied  this by sitting on a wooden box grabbing her arm and putting her across my knee and spanking her she yelped something to the effect only her mother could spank her and I let her up to which she flounced of inside the house to her awaiting mother, I trailed in behind hoping she wouldn’t be telling tales about her spanking  as I thought I would be on the receiving end my self very publicly, but she didn’t and she waved goodbye from the car window.  My first spanking delivery.

Spanking My Canadian Cousin

06The next spanking I delivered was to my Canadian cousin who was a year younger than me, I guess I was about sixteen. I remember spanking her twice on her visit the first time we just went on a walk on a hot summers day I just remember her whining on about this and that in her Canadian accent, we stopped and I sat down for a rest, she sat to the right hand side of me;  bad mistake. I flipped her straight across my knee and lifted her skirt which she protested about; luckily she was wearing a cotton lacy petticoat which was more the tradition in those days, I then proceeded to spank her, though I must admit it was only a fun one and she didn’t really once she knew her petticoat would keep her modesty. It was over very quickly and she stood up to let her skirt fall back down, straightened herself up then continued to berate me for her spanking. Later that week it happened again on the bus returning from town, she was sat across from me on the top deck of the empty bus,cheeky again so….arm grabbed and over my knee, this time she was wearing jeans and got a good firm 6 spanks, she thought it was funny as i hurt my hand on a packet of tic tacs she had in her back pocket, so much she had to blurt it out to my dad but as it was in a Canadian blurt of “he flipped me and swatted my hinny and hurt his hand on Tic Tacs” dad just shrugged and carried on as none of that made sense. Lisa saw i was motioning my hand in a swatting motion and quickly left the room.