Spanking over the knee? Naughty girl that deserves a spanking?

My name is John. I am early 50s and have been spanking women for over thirty-five years. During that time I have spanked many ladies of various ages and sizes! The one thing they all had in common was that they wanted to experience a proper spanking in a safe and discreet environment from someone who is experienced and who would respect their limits. I understand that meeting a complete stranger for a spanking can be daunting so please look at my testimonials from professional ladies I have worked alongside and ladies that have visited for a trip over my knee. I hope these will help to reassure you. If you've looked at my site (and please take the time to do so) and are serious about arranging a spanking then I look forward to hearing from you. Please note that I do not charge for spankings and I am based in West Yorkshire, England

A submissive person is one who, of their own free will, seeks to submit to another. Submission, by nature is a two-fold phenomena that expresses itself through power. Submissives, no matter what walks of life they may come from, all share the desire to relinquish power to another individual. Their reasons are varied. Some may find the relinquishment of responsibility to another paradoxically liberating.

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