Disciplinarian Tales | Just another a ponder through my life of spanking.

disc-2I thought it may be an idea to share a little more about spankings I have been involved with both commercially and private play  via this site and instead of just putting a few static paragraphs down I thought it would be more fluid to turn a blog live. The problem being I hate blogs, though I appreciate it can be an ever evolving stream of information for those who would like to look deeper.  Times and dates are somewhat vague now but I hope it will offer some sort of guide about what has happened along the way so far….


School spankings

nb-gfWhen I was a young boy at the front of the class with a view of the pretty teacher’s petticoat showing a tantalizing inch of lace now and again and in those days when the teachers used to take somebody across her knee for a smacked bottom which was common in those days; it formed a very strange euphoric sensation especially as she adjusted her skirt after spanking the miscreant and whoah another flash of the petticoat. It conjured up a deep yearning but a great deal of lack of understanding as to what I wanted. Did I want to me in the place of that boy laid across her petticoated lap and spanked before the full class? Surely not! or the dream of the head coming in a putting the pretty school teacher across his lap; hhhmm confusing times.

My First Spanking

francisIn no particular order as you can see, I will share my earliest delivery of a spanking. I must
have been about eight years old and a girl from my class at school had come to play.  I’m not
sure of the exact conversation but we were outside in an old wooden barn for some reason she
had developed a pout so I remedied  this by sitting on a wooden box grabbing her arm and
putting her across my knee and spanking her she yelped something to the effect only her mother
could spank her and I let her up to which she flounced of inside the house to her awaiting mother,
I trailed in behind hoping she wouldn’t be telling tales about her spanking  as I thought I would
be on the receiving end my self very publicly, but she didn’t and she waved goodbye from
the car window.  My first spanking delivery.

Spanking My Canadian Cousin

06The next spanking I delivered was to my Canadian cousin who was a year younger than me, I guess I was about sixteen. I remember spanking her twice on her visit the first time we just went on a walk on a hot summers day I just remember her whining on about this and that in her Canadian accent, we stopped and I sat down for a rest, she sat to the right hand side of me;  bad mistake. I flipped her straight across my knee and lifted her skirt which she protested about; luckily she was wearing a cotton lacy petticoat which was more the tradition in those days, I then proceeded to spank her, though I must admit it was only a fun one and she didn’t really once she knew her petticoat would keep her modesty. It was over very quickly and she stood up to let her skirt fall back down, straightened herself up then continued to berate me for her spanking. Later that week it happened again on the bus returning from town, she was sat across from me on the top deck of the empty bus,cheeky again so….arm grabbed and over my knee, this time she was wearing jeans and got a good firm 6 spanks, she thought it was funny as i hurt my hand on a packet of tic tacs she had in her back pocket, so much she had to blurt it out to my dad but as it was in a Canadian blurt of “he flipped me and swatted my hinny and hurt his hand on Tic Tacs” dad just shrugged and carried on as none of that made sense. Lisa saw i was motioning my hand in a swatting motion and quickly left the room.

Spanking Heather

liz0747Whilst out for the night at a local pub I found my girlfriend confessed my suspicions she had been cheating on me. I did the usual thing and basically called her all the names under the sun and we were through. I was furious and she was crying, we made the peace and continued through a useless conversation for the rest of the night. In the end before we left the pub I think I made a comment its a shame I cant just spank you and put it all behind us and start again she replied something to the effect yes it is. We left the pub hoped in my car so drop her back at her parent’s house. It was about 10ish at night a few people wandering about and a few cars on the road. I took a small detour slammed my brakes on hopped out the car to her surprise then went around opened her door took her hand and just said “Come on” she followed I sat on a low wall just off the road then propelled her across my knee and spanked her over her skirt as she wailed, her skirt was yanked up but it was a style that had poppers down the side so the skirt just came off I continued to spank her not hard and fast but controlled hard single spanks over her petticoat, this with difficulty came up where I was greeted by stockings and suspenders and white panties and a wonderfully red bottom showing through at this point she was shouting “you bastard”. The spanking stopped and she was sobbing but not struggling, just lying across my lap. The situation dawned on me that people were in fact walking up and down the street and amazingly just carried on as if nothing was wrong. I helped Heather to her feet, hugged her and she was sobbing but smiling swell. I pulled my car off the road laid Heather on the back seat and well made up in reality im sure I didn’t spank more than twenty times but it seemed to go on forever. From that moment spanking and role-play became part of our life where she yearned to be taken across Sir’s knee for a good spanking….until we parted company.

Spanking Liz

1280cvcxx720_cbMy voyage into professional spanking started around eight or probably more years ago. (i did mention my timings will be somewhat vague) it began with a lady mailing me as she had noticed on my profile an interest for spanking. I believed then as do most men that if you put a tag on a profile or a post that you have such an interest for spanking then its simply like fishing in mud you will never get a bite. So to my surprise I did.
Liz also hailed from the county of Yorkshire and after a few preliminary chats we quickly moved onto the subject of spanking. I related my dom spanking experiences and what I would do to her in a hypothetical meet. Liz had never been spanked before and had a desire to find out how it felt to be scolded, turned across a knee and spanked, quite simply that. She told me previous boyfriends had fooled around with the odd slap to her jeans but she wanted the real deal. I traveled through work and we arranged one day to put me to the test as the strict sir, in return I wanted to have Liz dressed as the naughty schoolgirl, I believe she went to an outfitters and bought herself a grey pleated skirt ,white knee highs and a blouse just the basic elements. I arranged to met her in a car park on the outskirts of York and all i could think in honesty is “what the fuck am I doing here ?” truly believing I had been conned by a fantasy woman getting her jollies cyber spanking and believe me there are plenty out there. Anyway the doubting Thomas in me disappeared as the girl Liz pulled alongside my car, I duly followed her back to her house, I slipped into the dominant role after exchanging brief pleasantries from where I requested she quickly changed into her school uniform which she did. Time was short , she was on her lunch break and I was late for an appointment, conversation was really just down to basic commands, which started once she returned to the room, I sat on a chair in the center of the room took Liz by the arm and put her quickly across my knee with a few small words of warning for the spanking she was going to get. The spanking was short but good hard spank landed over her smart grey pleated school skirt which was soon flipped up and bottom bared as I produced my slipper and gave her a thoroughly sound but short spanking, she gasped but didn’t cry out and just as quickly as it happened we said our goodbyes, though the funny side is that she came to say goodbye at the door still dressed in her school uniform rubbing her bottom as the dustbin men emptied the trash. Thats really all I have to tell you about Liz for now apart from of course she is a well respected pro in the spanking scene.

Spanking Shanelle

After1-01-02-4_20130121131443 finding a footing in the professional  spanking scene I was working in the background developing and promoting Liz’s site she began to flourish and become known as a genuine pro spankee. Spankingservices moved slowly into filming services which is where I came across another genuine girl L* who was interested in modelling as a way of pushing her vanilla spanking play, L* was of course a natural who loved being turned across a knee and spanked.  Through on line chats about spanking she became familiar with Liz’s website and career change from office girl to full time spankee/switch. L* had told me about her frustrations  for the company she worked for which day by day she hated. I pitched the idea that maybe she should follow the same line of business as Liz she was interested but instead of Internet correspondence we decided to meet and discuss if it was feasible.

We decided to meet at Bretton Country park to chat and of course for me to put her across my knee to spank test that bottom.  It was a cold winters day but crisp and sunny , we walked and talked and decided nothing ventured nothing gained so she was going to dip her toe into professional spanking, the rest is now history of course as Shanelle is an accomplished pro domme / switch and producer in her own right  www.shanvanuk.co.uk……….to get back to the story.  Shanelle and I walked around the park looking for a tree stump and a quiet location where I could turn her across my knee and give her a damn good spanking .  I do remember my mind was racing as my options weren’t looking good , this after all was a country park therefore the ramblers just pop out of bushes and trails at anytime.  I weighed up the pros and cons of the situation; here was a pretty girl with long blonde hair walking with me to get a spanking, she had a long black coat on {bad thing would get in the way} she had a long flowing skirt on { good thing easy to flip up} after all no matter where you are you have to get to bare the bottom for the spanking as who know what layers are providing a padding form a spanking?  skirt, petticoat,panties,thick tights. who knows.  Anyway it just wasnt possible due to the people traffic.  So back to my car where we climbed into the back like guilty teenagers on the back seat.  Shanelle quickly giggling draped herself across my knee  {obviously done this many times before methinks} I began spanking her over her skirt which was quickly raised to continue the spanking over her panties until her bottom was bared. It wasn’t a particularly hard or serious spanking but brisk and stingy and more as i said like two teens in the back of a car, she did remind me there was an old woman who passed the car whilst she was being chastised[probably thought ah well naughty girl probably deserved it} . Shanelle was a natural and I was lucky enough to spank her a few more times to great effect.

Spanking Melanie

hollyjA very pretty  switch lady I put over my knee as she wanted a real first time spanking; I told her she would be spanked as a schoolgirl to help with the scenario; I almost never visit anybody as I use a venue in West Yorkshire, but she was reasonably local and seemed very up for wanting to be spanked; besides that she was gorgeous long blond hair and one of the nicest girls and bottoms i have spanked.

Spanking Tania

taniaTania was a very pretty and tall professional model from Ukraine we did several shoots with her for Liz’s website mainly as Liz’s mother; but since on this occasion she was dressed as a naughty schoolgirl  I had no option but to put her over my knee and spank her

Spanking Miss Hastings

19Miss Hastings has always been on the delivery side of a good spanking to many boys and girls this time she had a taste of her own medicine; I out her across my knee and gave her a firm spanking I then lifted her over the vaulting horse and gave her 6 o’the best. Please note Miss Hastings is a pro disciplinarian she does not offer sub services; this shoot was really just a little play.